BUSINESS RESOURCES: Pasadena Rapidly Becoming a Hotbed for Startups … by Colleen Bennett

Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject

eastsideMost entrepreneurs out to build a better mousetrap usually think of San Francisco, Austin, Boston or Boulder as a great place to launch a startup company, but Pasadena, with its robust infrastructure of incubative organizations and venture capitalists, is elbowing its way onto a lot of top lists for starting a business.

Here are some of the resources available in the Crown City:

City of Pasadena
Business Services Section
100 N. Garfield Ave., Room N106, Pasadena

Entrepreneurs no longer have to fight City Hall, they can actually rely on it to help their businesses get off the ground.

Pasadena City College Extended Learning
1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Room D108, Pasadena

Through Pasadena Extension, you can learn the Argentine tango, but you’ll also find classes like Import/Export Workshops, Certificate in Grant Writing and Nonprofit Management, and Turn Your Skill Sets into a Thriving Consultant Business. Class prices start at about $25.

Pasadena Enterprise Center
1015 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena

The Pasadena Enterprise Center (PEC) was founded in 1987 as a private, 501(c) 3, nonprofit corporation. The PEC, via its Business Incubator Program, encourages and facilitates the development of new and existing businesses, fostering local economic development and job creation.

The Pasadena Enterprise Center facility located in Northwest Pasadena occupies a 15,000 square-foot, two-story building where a number of businesses operate. Incubator participants can operate in an environment where small businesses can share experiences and conduct business with one another, thereby reducing the risks involved in business start-up, access to affordable office rent, gain access to facility fax and color copier, unlimited use of conference rooms, referrals to in-house or outside seminars and technical assistance.

Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County
2400 N. Lincoln Ave., Altadena

The Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County (BTC) is dedicated to the development of high-technology firms through business management assistance, technical assistance, and the coordination of available financial resources. The BTC focuses on companies transferring and commercializing technologies from Federal Laboratories and Universities, including companies specializing in software development, bio-infomatics and cutting edge sensors.

One of the largest technology incubators in California located just two miles from the Jet Propulsion Library (JPL), the BTC offers a 40,000-square-foot secure facility with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The BTC offers key business support services to emerging technology organizations, which includes access to capital and business professional mentorship from a large volunteer group of seasoned executives.

Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative (PBC)
2265 E. Foothill Blvd., East Pasadena

The Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative is a non-profit biotech incubator created to support the growing number of life science start-ups in the Los Angeles area. PBC provides a shared-use wetlab facility at a reasonable rate with the following benefits:

Chef’s Center of California
45 N. San Gabriel Blvd., East Pasadena

Chefs Center is a nonprofit program that provides professional culinary business development services for entrepreneurs who want to start or expand a food-based business. Current entrepreneurs include food truck operators, farmers market vendors, legal street vendors, wholesalers who sell to retail markets, and others who want to start-up catering, restaurants, bakeries, and/or on-line businesses.

The Chefs Center includes five entrepreneurial steps:

Using health and safety approved shared commercial kitchens;

Receiving hands-on professional technical assistance while working in kitchens;

Accessing marketplaces to sell goods;

Exploring business practices and opportunities to start or grow your business through workshops;

Developing and refining your business through one-on-one counseling.

During summer, the Chef Center also serves up the Friday Night Food Fair and Artisanal Marketplace

Arcturus Capital
199 S. Los Robles Ave., Ste. 535, Pasadena

Arcturus Capital is a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm. The Arcturus team combines 170 years of experience in venture capital investing, professional investment management, executive operating experience, and advanced scientific research.

With a collective investment record spanning more than three decades, Arcturus principals have made more than 100 venture investments resulting in 22 IPOs and 38 M&A transactions.

With a large, diverse group of investment professionals, Arcturus is able to be opportunistic across business stages and regions, though its primary focus is early-stage technology companies in the Southern California area. Arcturus accepts submission of business plans via e-mail.

AthThe Athenaeum Fund
3100 E. Foothill Blvd., 2nd Fl., East Pasadena

The Athenaeum Fund is a venture capital limited partnership originally founded in 1999 by Dr. John D. Baldeschwieler, Malcolm E. Cloyd and John Glanville with sixty-five Limited Partners. The Fund focuses on making seed-stage investments in emerging Southern California technology companies. The Fund’s goal is to provide the funding, management and marketing skills necessary to give early-stage companies the grounding they need to get their products and services to market and to capture the attention of larger funding sources that can provide subsequent investments, if needed.

California Technology Ventures
670 N. Rosemead, Ste. 201, East Pasadena

California Technology Ventures, LLC (CTV) is a venture capital fund that makes direct investments in technology and life science companies. CTV has built a strong reputation for its entrepreneurial approach to investing and working with companies.

130 W. Union St., Old Pasadena

Founded in 1996, Idealab has created and operated more than 125 companies with 40 IPOs and acquisitions. Companies that owe their start to Idealab include Citysearch, and UberMedia.

Pasadena Angels
2400 N. Lincoln Ave., Altadena

Founded in 2000, the Pasadena Angels is a nonprofit entity that offers early-stage start-ups the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of more than 100 investor members who include successful entrepreneurs, technologists, sales and marketing professionals, internet technology leaders, finance specialists and attorneys. Pasadena Angel members partner with fledgling companies and provide them with invaluable counsel, including insights into developing business and financing strategies that are both achievable and fundable.

Pasadena Angels investor members typically provide up to $750,000 in early-stage financing and seed money to emerging ventures located in Southern California. Its members also lead funding rounds and cooperate with venture capital firms and other angel investment groups to support companies that seek to raise amounts greater than $750K.

Its members invest individually and directly, without any legal pooling of financial resources. The Pasadena Angels, a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization, does not invest or act as an investment agent in any manner.

Pasadena Angels charges no fees. It provides services to companies that it believes have a significant potential for success and the capacity to benefit from our diverse member base.

As a Sotheby’s Realtor based in Pasadena, Colleen serves the San Gabriel Valley’s foothill communities from Claremont to La Canada.