Tell Them How You Really Feel, with RecordItCards! … by Peter Bennett CEO CEO Gary Howarth CEO Gary Howarth

La Verne resident Gary Howarth, who has a degree in chemical engineering, believes he has whipped up the perfect formula to help you connect with family members, friends and business associates as never before.

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He has engineered a potent potion whereby hopeless romantics can use it to customize, record and send notes to their paramours while businesses can tap the very same patented process to remind you about everything from a door-busting new sale to your next dental cleaning.

“The uses for RecordItCards are virtually limitless,” said Gary, whose motivation for starting his online audio and video greeting card business was to honor his wife Terry who passed away from cancer three years ago.

“During her illness, she always treasured the cards that had that extra personal touch,” Gary said. “Those are the ones that really touched her heart.”

More motivation came from his nephew Ryan Amaradio, an accomplished musician who believed that in this digital age there was a better way to stay in touch with people, whether it was to acknowledge an anniversary or get a group together to sing happy birthday to grandma.

Blending Gary’s inventive nature and Ryan’s musical impulses — and about $100,000 to build the back-end of their audio and video greeting card website — they developed

One overriding strategy guided them from start to finish.

“It had to be so easy to use that everybody would want to use it,” Gary said.

Mission accomplished!

Creating your highly customized and personalized cards on takes four fun, fast and easy steps. First, select an audio or video card. Next, choose your wallpaper or background. Then pick an appropriate music track to accompany your message. Lastly, record your personal message in as many takes as you need.

You can do all this for less than the price of a box of chocolates. Far, far less, actually. A monthly subscription, allowing you to send an unlimited number of cards, costs $9. A year’s subscription runs $97.

Down the line, Gary and Ryan see the real sweet spot for targeting businesses, such as real estate agents and insurance agents, who need to constantly stay in front of their audiences in unique and novel ways to increase sales.

“RecordItCards help you and your message stand out from the crowd,” Gary said, adding at a price substantially lower than other constant-contact-type systems.

Gary and Ryan are so convinced that their new messaging formula will be a hit, they invite visitors to their site to create and send their first two cards absolutely free, without any future obligation.

This try-it-before-you-buy-it strategy seems like the perfect formula for success and the ideal introduction to expressing yourself in a whole new way.

“Undoubtedly, there’s somebody out there right now who would love to hear from you,” Gary said. “Go ahead, send them a note. You’ll make a great impact and a lasting impression!

To learn more about how to send your personal recordable video or audio greeting cards, visit