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Why should I Advertise in the ABJ?

Because, outside of a token article or two, no newspaper or advertising source in the San Gabriel Valley covers or promotes local business the way we do. We’re devoted to Business and your Business, in particular. By linking and advertising with us, we give your business instant credibility, visibility and all-important momentum.

What are some of the specific advantages you offer that your competitors don’t?

We take a comprehensive approach to help you grow and brand your business:

  • We link your All Business Journal ad to your website.
  • We write an in-depth article (with photos) about your business that you can conveniently and strategically share with all your customers and potential customers.
  • We post your coupon offers.
  • We highlight your business in our weekly Constant Contact Update distributed online to thousands of subscribers.
  • If you’re not camera-shy, we’ll shoot and post a FLIP-camera, three-minute video of you talking about your business, as only you know how.

WOW! Anything else?

If you have a press release to distribute or an event to promote, we’ll publish it. Plus, we invite you to answer readers’ questions in our “Ask the Expert”
section, to help further brand you as the “expert” in your field.

What does all this cost?

The price of your one ad covers all of the above services and extras. It’s like having your own PR agency for pennies a day!

What is the price of an ad?

Yes, size matters, with prices ranging from $75 to $200 a month, depending on size and location, with a four-month minimum, so $300 to $800for a four-month commitment.

My budget is tight right now. What do you charge to simply highlight my business with a professionally written article about my business?

The fee for a full-fledged article with photos highlighting your business is $300. You’re getting the best writing about the best (you and what you do and offer), so this is a great way to showcase your business.

The ALL BUSINESS JOURNAL keeps you in the News!

Call (909.224.1746) or Email ( today.


Accepted file formats include  JPG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, and Flash (SWF). Artwork for design may also be submitted in EPS or PSD. Contact us for more information.

Available Ad Sizes

Ads are defined in pixel dimensions ( width x height )

For Advertising Rates, CALL 909 224.1746

Header ( 728 x 90 )

(note: header ad not shown to scale)
Location: The header ad will appear at the top of

Rectangle ( 300 x 250 )

Location: The rectangle ad will appear in side columns.

Small Square ( 150 x 150 )

Location: The small square ad will appear in side columns.

Wide Skyscraper ( 160 x 600 )

Location: The wide skyscraper will appear in side columns.

Narrow Skyscraper ( 120 x 600 )

Location: The narrow skyscraper will appear in side columns.

Half Skyscraper ( 120 x 300 )

Location: The half skyscraper will appear in side columns.