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Your Real Estate Expert is Colleen Bennett, Estates Director/Realtor/Certifed Short Sale Specialist/Probate and Conservatorship Sales, Keller Williams, La Verne.

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If you’ve reached my page on La Verne Online, you probably want to know a little more about real estate and how I can provide you with information and help you find a great first home, second home or investment property.

For the past dozen years, I’ve been actively helping people buy and sell real estate throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and, in particular, my hometown of La Verne. Earlier in my career, I worked in entertainment (“The Merv Griffin Show,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Dance Fever”), fashion (Calvin Klein) and financial services (Dean Witter), but I can honestly say that of all my career experiences, nothing compares with being a Realtor because no two days, deals, homes or clients are ever alike.

Like you, I have many interests. Mine all seem to gravitate around the home, especially my husband Peter and three sons, Ryan, Roger and Brett, architecture, interior design,culinary, anything Italian, my animals, and cooking. No one ever leaves my house hungry, if I can help it.

In this current market, patience and persistence, more than ever, are what it takes to put a deal together. With so much uncertainty in the market, you need to be patient for the right deal to come along. One couple I recently represented was keen to buy a property that was a short sale. As you know there has been no shortage of short sales, but the process can be agonizingly slow with some banks taking weeks or even months to respond to an offer. We didn’t let the process defeat us, however, and as a result, we found a fabulous home that had come back on the market for about $200,000 less than it had been listed for previously. I know because my offer on the same house for other clients had been rejected 15 months earlier because it was too low! Amazing!

Persistence is needed because rarely does anything in this market come easy. But again, the process does indeed move forward if you’re willing to do the work, spend the time and make the extra phone call … or two or three or 10.

As a place to live and work, there’s no finer area than the La Verne-Claremont area. We’re blessed with great schools, businesses, parks, colleges and other wonderful resources and programs that speak to our high quality of life. Of course, we wouldn’t have these to enjoy without our residents and neighbors contributing in their own way to create something really special here.

If you have any question regarding real estate, I urge you to go to leave your query in the comment section below, and I’ll find an answer for you. Please feel free to click on any other questions and answers that also appear on the page. In this business, whether you’re a buyer, seller or Realtor, you have to be constantly learning and sharing to be successful.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

To reach me, please call (909) 374-4744. 

4 thoughts on “Realtor

  1. Hey Colleen,
    I was on the LVLL page looking at the news of the District 20 12 year old Champions. I clicked the link to La Verne Online and read Peter’s great article covering the 12 year olds game at Ted Green. He is a dynamic writer! He recreated the excitement that we were experiencing at the game and it was a really fun read! Also, it was great seeing him there. I always love running into you and catching up on the news. We do have some fun memories stretching back to the early days of when we met (remember the orphaned kittens we found in the old Von’s paking lot and you took them home and fed them and took care of them?)

    Anyway, to finish up my note – I was reading more of La Verne online and saw your ad and clicked onto your sight – which looks great.

    I wanted to say hello and hope to see you again soon!

  2. What has happened to the old house in the ex-grove on Old Wheeler Road that was to be restored as part of the agreement allowing development of the site? I read once that it was possibly being moved across the street to Mills Park for use as a community building. Obviously that has not happened as it seems to have disappeared. Any info?

  3. My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer and had to retire. I am already disabeled. We were in a Chapter 24 when our house payment went up more than what we were paying. We had 24 payments to complete the Chapter 13. With his health and retirement we have had to file bankruptcy Ch. 7. My question is if we can save up a sizable downpayment could we be granted another loan for a house?

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