STUDIO CITY, California, November 5, 2017 — It may be less important in Southern California to know who’s on first (classic Abbott and Costello comedy routine) than who’s on Third. Who’s on Third is Joan McNamara, founder, owner and tastemaker of Joan’s on Third, which has locations in Los Angeles and Studio City. The daughter … Continue reading Joan’s on Third Rates First with This Reviewer

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LA VERNE, CALIF. , May 17, 2017 — San Antonio has the River Walk, New Orleans has the French Quarter, Orlando has Walt Disney World and La Verne has … Hillcrest – A Remarkable Retirement Community. What makes the community unique or “remarkable” is that unlike most retirement centers where visitors are greeted with a … Continue reading Hillcrest Not for the Faint of Heart or Over-the-Hill Retiring Types

                        ALTADENA, Calif. — If you want to create a unique drought-tolerant landscape that involves more than just sticking a barrel cactus in a bed of rocks, perhaps, instead of hiring a landscape architect, you should consider hiring a former product manager from a … Continue reading Lush Lawn or Desert Landscape, You Be the Judge

  La Verne resident Gary Howarth, who has a degree in chemical engineering, believes he has whipped up the perfect formula to help you connect with family members, friends and business associates as never before. He has engineered a potent potion whereby hopeless romantics can use it to customize, record and send notes to their … Continue reading Tell Them How You Really Feel, with RecordItCards! … by Peter Bennett

Which of the four produces the greatest surge in blood sugar — you know,  the same toxic fuel that has contributed to a doubling of diabetes in our country? 1) a slice of whole-wheat bread 2) a Snickers bar 3) a tablespoon of pure white sugar 4)a banana It’s the not the candy bar, which … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Could Your Love of Pasta, Pizza and Multi-Grain Sandwiches Be Putting You on the Fast Track to Alzheimer’s Disease? … by Peter Bennett

If you want to be a successful restaurateur, be a successful dental hygienist first. That was the unique career path taken by Kathleen Meymerian, owner of Kathleen’s Restaurant at 595 N. Lake in Pasadena. “As a dental hygienist, I had to put my patients at ease, educate them on their dental hygiene practices, do their … Continue reading PASADENA CULINARY OUTING: 9 out of 10 Dentists Recommend Kathleen’s … by Peter Bennett

If you’re looking to spend a fun day on the town somewhere, why not spend it in Santa Clarita, which actually comprises four towns — Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus and Valencia. Four for the price of one! Where can you beat that deal? While Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is Santa Clarita’s biggest draw, … Continue reading BENNETT’S BEST: Santa Clarita a Magical Place

Hey, don’t look now, but Outdoor Elegance, which is always pushing the envelope when it comes to elegant outdoor living, has revamped its website design as part of an even bigger makeover from outbound to inbound marketing. The website, which features a clean interface akin to app-laden iPhones and the new Windows 8, has become … Continue reading LA VERNE: Outdoor Elegance Elegantly Upgrades its Online Presence to a Destination of Beauty and Imagination

There are few people on this planet who have scrutinized their pee as much as I have. I never paid much attention to the color or odor of my urine until one day after racing around my high school track, sprinting the last hundred yards as if I were Usain Bolt, I came home and … Continue reading HEALTH WATCH: The Color of Your Pee Says Much About Your Health … by Peter Bennett

Beef Barley Soup When the crisp autumn air makes its first appearance, grab a sweater, build a fire and make this wonderful homemade beef barley soup. Wild mushrooms give it a rich, bold flavor. The best stew meat is from the chuck. If your butcher doesn’t have stew meat, buy a 1 ½-pound piece of … Continue reading KITCHEN KORNER: Hot and Hearty Beef Barley Soup for a Cool Fall Night