Which of the four produces the greatest surge in blood sugar — you know,  the same toxic fuel that has contributed to a doubling of diabetes in our country? 1) a slice of whole-wheat bread 2) a Snickers bar 3) a tablespoon of pure white sugar 4)a banana It’s the not the candy bar, which … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Could Your Love of Pasta, Pizza and Multi-Grain Sandwiches Be Putting You on the Fast Track to Alzheimer’s Disease? … by Peter Bennett

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Every so often a book comes along that strives for the extraordinary and actually achieves it … one that far exceeds its already ambitious reach. That book is Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject by Peter Bennett. It starts with a story about the Statue of 3 Lies, which sits in Harvard Yard. Though the … Continue reading GOOD READS: Not Since The Power of Positive Thinking and the 7 Habits Have We Seen a Book Like This