PASADENA, California, November 5, 2017 — What made America “great” was our nation’s ability to industrialize virtually any process and through scale and efficiency produce it at such a low price that consumers found it irresistible. After World War II, that was the American genius. That was the American miracle. So instead of barbecuing our … Continue reading Seed Every Day with Good Food

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PASADENA, Calif. , May 17, 2017 — When Ray Atwan moved into his new barbershop at 27 Catalina Ave. in Pasadena, he didn’t wait long to spruce up the place, buying new barber chairs and donating the surplus to the Los Angeles County jails. He wanted to make a first great impression. But that was 1964. … Continue reading SPLITTING HAIRS OVER TWO GREAT BARBERS

There’s fast … then there’s “Tony Lancaster” fast. Chef Tony, as he’s known around SoCal, can make 900 sandwiches in an hour. And we’re not talking baloney and mayo on white bread here, but a Turkey Croissant with dried tomato aioli, filled with oven-roasted turkey breast, provolone cheese, alfalfa sprouts, green leaf, tomato and red … Continue reading PASADENA: DIVINELY INSPIRED CATERER OUT TO BUILD A SALAD AND SANDWICH KINGDOM … by Peter Bennett