Tom and Tim Hughes are good people to know, especially this time of year. When Cordel Goode over-invited guests to her nighttime Christmas party this year, she feared they would spill onto her patio and freeze to death, given the recent snap of cold weather. Tim got her some patio heaters. “He solved my problem, … Continue reading POMONA & SAN DIMAS: These Brothers Are Not for Sale … But They Are for Rent … by Peter Bennett

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Would you confess and entrust your darkest secrets, deepest troubles and greatest fears to a recovering alcoholic with an injured heart, who also flunked Greek and Latin? Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, unfailingly have — anxious teenagers who don’t get along with their parents, bewildered and bankrupt parents who have lost their homes, … Continue reading SAN DIMAS: Pastor, with Rich, Full Heart, Looks to God