LA VERNE, California, Dec. 18, 2017 — I’m looking for my first home, which I be financing. My problem is, I am confused over all the different kinds of home lenders out there — mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, my local bank, etc.. Can you help me make sense of the differences?   Gladly. Honestly, I … Continue reading THE REAL DIRTT: Please End the Confusion Over All the Different Kinds of Home Lenders

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Growing global unrest, increasing international instability, mounting transcontinental tensions. These headlines should all be good news for anyone in the market for a mortgage because whenever there’s mounting geopolitical tensions around the world, interest rates tend to drop. Here’s why: As geopolitical volatility grows, investors start to panic and seek a safe haven for their … Continue reading THE REAL DIRTT: A Little Global Mayhem Can Help Reduce Your Mortgage Payment … by Colleen Bennett

Remember when your Realtor told you that you had to wait three years after a foreclosure or two years after a bankruptcy to be eligible for a new HFA loan. Not anymore! Now, according to a new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) bulletin, you can slash that old waiting period to just a year, provided you … Continue reading FHA Eases Path for Home Ownership If Past Hardship No Fault of Your Own

Last week it came to light in a survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute that 57 percent of U.S. workers reported less than $25,000 in total household savings and investments, excluding their homes. That’s why you’re seeing so many commercials on TV advertising for reverse mortgages. People nearing retirement age, with lots of equity … Continue reading HOME FINANCING: When You Need Extra Cash, Is It Time to Reverse Course? by Colleen Bennett