The No. 1 sign that you live in Los Angeles isn’t that you’re always 30 minutes late, adore In-n-Out burgers, or wear your Lululemon gear all over town. No, it’s the fact that you, your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor likely lives in a home with an unpermitted addition or alteration. No one knows the … Continue reading THE REAL DIRTT: Who Cares If You’re Living With Unpermitted Structures; It’s L.A., Baby!

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“Love your neighbor; yet don’t pull down your hedge.”   Benjamin Franklin If you’ve driven through northeast Los Angeles lately, you’ll notice that horizontal fences are now all the rage. But the trend isn’t exactly new. Indeed, until about 40 years most fences were horizontal. They only started standing upright in response to new safety codes … Continue reading FEELING FENCED IN? Here’s the Horizontal on Hipster Fencing … by COLLEEN BENNETT

Whether you’re preparing to put your house on the market or simply want your house to sparkle for the holidays, here’s how to take your home from lived in to move-in condition in less than 30 days. Think like a home shopper! Cut your emotional ties to your home and see it as any homebuyer … Continue reading HOME IMPROVEMENT: Take Your Home from Lived-In to Move-In Condition! … by Ryan Crane